Torelló and the «Three Tenors»

In a few days will be, no more no less, 22 years since this photo was taken. The occasion was the concert that the Three Tenors made in Barcelona, at Camp Nou stadium, on July 17th, 1997. Torelló was a co-sponsor of this important cultural event and both, the VIP assistants to the concert and the more than a thousand people who came to the gala dinner, were able to enjoy our sparkling wines during the whole event.

Today we remember with pride and emotion, having been part of such an event. With this anniversary we remember with fondness those who have undoubtedly been the most talented and charismatic opera singers of all time.

The luck of being part of a family with so many years of history like ours, is that we are accumulating memories that will be part of Torelló forever.