Torelló 3D by Custo Barcelona, our new release

Torelló cava 3D by Custo Barcelona Brut Gran Reserva 2007 has been launched in
Barcelona this month,opening the world of bubbles to a new dimension.If in the
first part Custo Barcelona paid a special homage to the life that is born
inside a bottle of cava, through the vibrant action of the yeasts, in this second
it makes a leap to the third dimension putting Torelló cava in the universe of
luxury and sophistication.Once the maturing is finalized and the bottle is
opened,the bubbles are freed,the aromas emerge,the glamorous experiences,the
memory of jewels and flowers,the joie de vivre,the feeling of wellbeing and
dreams,all of this incarnate in the feminine figure.

A new visual language wich invites you to experiment,to put your glasses on and enjoy the volumes.


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