Abejas y miel en Torelló

En 2018 instalamos ocho cajas-nido para abejas, en uno de los bosques de nuestra finca de Can Martí. Las abejas juegan un papel fundamental en la sostenibilidad de la biodiversidad, dada su función polinizadora. No es el único insecto que poliniza, pero si uno de los que más eficacia tiene.

En Torelló intentamos contribuir con la salud del ecosistema y ahora ellas nos regalan esta fantástica miel, fruto del trabajo de más de 300 mil abejas. 

Little friends

One of the samples of the great biodiversity that we have in Can Martí state, is the number of different friends that we meet when we walk through the vineyards. Today we crossed paths with this little shrew, and we were lucky to see it, because they are the smallest mammals that exist. Small yes, but active, because they don’t stop moving, neither by night nor by day! They eat insects and because of their fast metabolism, they have to feed constantly.

These cute animals are one more part of that natural ecosystem that we are lucky to have in our state. In Torelló we not only believe in sustainable agriculture, we also try to develop practices that help the recovery of species typical of where we are located, both animals and plants. Next to the vineyards, the flora and fauna are part of our wealth and we must know how to pamper them, value them and enjoy them.