As many of you already know, just over a year ago, five wineries in Penedès founded the brand of sparkling quality wines Corpinnat. Now we are nine houses and part of our day to day is  dedicated to explain what is Corpinnat and what values ​​and commitments are behind it.

When it seemed that the complicated part was going to be to explain this, we were very pleasantly surprised to see how most people assimilated and understood it quickly and also in a very «natural» way. It could be said that they were already waiting for it. The best? see the good reception we have had, the great support and the impulse that you keep giving us. Even so, we know that there is still a long way to do. But now, what about the name, where does Corpinnat come from?

A word that at first sight seems strange, when dividing it, quickly takes on all its meaning. COR (Heart) – PINNAT (etymological root of the Penedès place-name) – NAT (born); that is to say: HEART – PENEDÈS – BORN, or in other words «Born in the heart of Penedès. One of our main values, the origin, the linking of sparkling wines to a terroir, to some varieties, to some commitments, to a history and to a wine culture. Seen that way, it’s easier to understand, right?

Pales, powerfuls or with bubbles, a rosé for every moment

A little more than a decade ago, in Torelló we began to elaborate what would be our first rosé wine. Petjades, a 100% merlot with a cherry pink colour that soon got a place in the market, thanks to its aromas of red fruits, complexity and balance. A year later, in 2007, Torelló Rosé Reserva arrived, for lovers of bubbles. A sparkling wine with two years of aging, fresh, sweet, with memories of red and purple fruits and balsamic hints.

After several years enjoying our rosé couple, in 2014 De la Rosa Torelló brothers decided to dare with a third, the elegant Sparkling Pàl·lid Reserva, this time a seductive pale rosé -trend which would end catching up the winelovers of all around the world-. The cycle was completed two years later, adding a fourth rosé to our creations in 2016. The Rosa d’Abril was born, a fresh and aromatic wine, with floral notes typical of the month that bears its name.

With the good weather, it is also time to enjoy the fresh, light and fruity wines. In Torelló we see it clear, it’s rosés time. For this we approach our four proposals, able to satisfy the most demanding and summer tastes that exist.